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Soluforce Pipe

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 manufactures FCP – Flexible Composite Line Pipes, RTP – Reinforced Thermoplastic Line Pipes. The full non-metallic system can be used for various water, Oil and Gas Line Pipe applications both On-Shore and Off-Shore.
– Diameter 4″, 6″
– Suitable for Transport of Oil Lines and Gas Lines, Water Injection Lines.
– Max Service Pressure 150 bars/250 bars
– Full Plastic components including reinforcement (no need of Cathodic Protection)
– Max capacity: 13500 bpd
– Delivered in 400 meters Coils – quick assembly (mini 1000m/day)
– Assembly by welding or swaging
– Connection to the existing: butt-weld or flanges ASA 600, or graylock system

⦁ Solves corrosion problems
⦁ Design life up to 50 years
⦁ Very fast installation (mini 1000m per day)
⦁ No scalling, no erosion
⦁ Re-usable, very robust
⦁ Maintenance free

ASF / ALLTECH is the Official and agreed Contracting Company to sell and install  RTP Line Pipes in Africa with trained, certified Supervisors and Operators for welding (Electrofusion and Polyfusion) and available Welding machines and Trailors stored in Gabon, Congo etc…