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Cathodic protection

Marine :

  • Hull Anodes
  • Ballast Tank Anodes
  • Antifouling anodes
  • Sacrificial anodes Specifications

Docks Piers & Jetties

  • Aluminum and Zinc Sacrificial Anodes
  • Zinc Embedded Anodes
  • Sacrificial Anodes Specifications
  • ICCP
  • Monitoring System

Offshore Pipeline

  • Bracelet Anodes
  • Alloy Specifications

Offshore Platform & FPSO

  • Stand Off anode
  • Alternative Installation

Wind Farms

Wind farms consist of offshore structures, typically located in shallow waters, ranging from 2 to 30 meters. The submerged and mud part areas of the structures can be protected against corrosion, by the use of an Aluminum-Zinc-Indium alloy. This cathodic protection system can have an extended operational life period ranging from 15 up to 50 years depending on the application. The installation of the anodes can be achieved easily before or after the installation of the substructure pile, and usually depends on the type of the pile (monopole, tripod, jacket etc.)

Anodes can be installed on a structure either with clamps or on doubler plates to avoid any coating damage.

Tank & Process Vessels

There is an urgent need for effective control of corrosion in process plants. Corrosion can contaminate the product handled, cause unsafe conditions to develop, or cause pollution if a vessel or pipeline leaks or collapses. On the contrary, efficient corrosion prevention can lead to economic development and extend the plant life, can lead to a reduction in downtime for plant replacement, a higher quality product, and a safer working environment.

We have developed zinc and aluminium alloys that work efficiently in process plants and control the corrosion in the interior of the tanks. Anodes of several sizes can be manufactured in our factory and can be distributed worldwide.